Andrea always had a love for technology, so she took quite a few classes in college specializing in CNC router and laser technologies. She uses computers to aid in creating works of art or creating useful templates for instruments.

She has taught a number of classes and private lessons at Loveland CreatorSpace.


Andrea loves adding inlay to other projects, or features it prominently as its own work of art. She uses wood, metal, shell, and epoxy to create interesting patterns and beautiful pictures.

Turtle Fretboard Inlay
Abalone fretboard inlay for ukulele

Wall Art

Portland Cello Project Concert Poster (original poster by Barry Blankenship)
Portland Cello Project Concert Poster (original poster by Barry Blankenship)

A favorite project is creating wall art, typically employing a combination of technology, inlays, and carving. Some are original designs, but Andrea’s love of music comes to light while recreating concert posters.

Many projects also incorporate light, revealing hidden features behind wood veneers when the light is turned on.


Andrea enjoys all kinds of carving, from including sculptures, relief carving, and lettering.

Carving scrolls is her favorite part about instrument making!

Relief Carving

Little Free Libraries

Sunset Library in winter

Andrea made a lot of Little Free Libraries for artists to decorate for a local fundraiser, and has continued making them since. Each one is its own work of art, and she uses wood, paint, and shingles that are designed to last through the annual weather changes. She takes special consideration for the books as well, ensuring they stay dry and the library can accommodate novels and tall picture books.

Learn more about Little Free Libraries at littlefreelibrary.org!

See more of Andrea’s work in the Gallery!